1. Innovate.
    And, more importantly, have a government that isn’t in bed with the oil companies so that they can support and encourage this innovation.
    Don’t count on the USA, in this case.

  2. Dave: What I want is a feasible alternative to my car. I can’t ride my bike to work since my drive is 45 minutes away, but I don’t want to move closer (I have my reasons). Plus driving is an integral part of my job, visiting client sites and such. I can’t afford a hybrid car (I considered it when I was looking at cars a little more than a year and a half ago), so I bought a car that is small and has relatively good mileage. It’s difficult being a consumer with little if no power.
    And I don’t think Canada is any better with regards to the oil issue. We have the most oil outside of the OPEC countries.

  3. The planet will end the dependancy for us. I remember quite a few years ago scientists said oil would run out by 2020. Well, we have 14 years to do something. Even if they find new places to drill eventually the wells will run dry. I just hope we get smart and are over our oil dependancy before then. I would rather end it on my terms that the earth’s.

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