1. Cute pictures! Amusing comments, too 🙂 I don’t think I’ve ever seen yellow baby ducks before. I thought the yellow colour was just a myth!

  2. i have a pet duck! his name is munchy and he lives in my spare shower in my bathroom! he’s soooo cute!!!!!!!

  3. i have a baby duck too. i don’t know what kind it is but its brown and yellow. i did have 3 but 2 died. my dad brought them home for me when he was at work because this guy was going to kill them so my dad asked if he could have them. i don’t know what to name him yet, does n e 1 know one? i have two duck eggs to. i made a homemade incubator and put the in it. i got the 2 eggs from the lake by my house.

  4. its easy to make a homemade incubator. if i could, i would have alot of ducks but i have 2 sisters and so we can only have 3.
    does n e 1 know where to buy a real incubator?

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