Back from the Woods

As you already know I got back from my cottage on Monday and I haven’t really felt like posting until now. The cottage was good times with 18 people relaxing at the zenith of the weekend. The cottage was literally bursting at the seams with people. A short list of what was done and what we did:
– finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
– swimming many many times
– bitten about 2 or 3 dozen times by mosquitos/horse flies/deer flies
– saw a beaver climbing over a beaver dam
– saw multiple loons, frogs, fish, tadpoles etc.
– hand-fed peanuts and cashews to Chippy the Chipmunk
– ate copious amounts of pork products
– ate copious amounts of other foods
– hung out on Blueberry Island (aka The Island of Love) and ate blueberries
– sleep in everyday until at least 10 am
– crosses over the common decency line many times (by many different people)
– listened to many CDs worth of music
– sat around the bonfire (while talking, being bitten by mosquitos etc)
Anyways that was most of the weekend. I know I’m missing stuff but my brain is still working quite slow. If you want another account of the festivities go over here and see what SMooSH has to say (since he was there too).

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  1. sounds like a grand time you had. Pictures?

  2. hermione

    been reading your blog… what do u think of the latest harry potter troy?

  3. Hi Hermione 🙂 I liked the latest book though I think it was a lot of build up for the next two books and the big battle that is going to be coming. I still think the 3rd book is my favorite though really any 700+ page book that I am motivated enough to read in less than a week is good in my books. Sadly we will have to wait another year or two for the next one 🙁
    Thanks for the comments.