Bikers: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I envy bikers who can use bikes as their sole form of transportation. I envy them for their reduced environmental impact on the world. Though sometimes the world of motorists and bikers collide. Like today!
Over my lunch hour I was leaving a mini-mall parking lot in my car. Due to the awful placement of a real estate sign I needed to pull out a little further than I usually would and was on part of the sidewalk. I checked the sidewalk before pulling out and saw no pedestrians, though the traffic was kind of heavy so I had to wait for a while before pulling out. During my wait a biker can tearing down the sidewalk and started angrily motioning me to back up, which I couldn’t since someone was behind me. He kept motioning and then glared at me as he drove by on the sidewalk, which also caused him to get hit by a car that was pulling into the mini-mall.
Bikers like that piss me off.
Number one: I agree that I shouldn’t have been out on the sidewalk like I was.
Number two: If you are riding a bike you really aren’t suppose to be riding it on the sidewalk. If you want me to respect you then stay on the road – I know some roads are too crazy to be a biker on. This wasn’t one of these roads since the biker eventually cut across four lanes of traffic to ride on the road properly.
Number three: This biker had enough room to get around me without significantly changing his path. Why was he so concerned?
Number four: Pay attention to where you are freaking going! You also got hit because you were too busy glaring at me.
Bikers like this madden me. He is likely the same type of guy who rides on the road until he hits a traffic light and then jumps on the sidewalk so he can use the crosswalk (though he doesn’t get off his bike to cross).
Just needed to get that off my chest!

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  1. A lot of bikers think they own the road and the sidewalk.
    Perhaps the Real Estate people need to be told to move their sign. If it is obstucting a drivers vision then it needs to be moved.

  2. By bikers, do you mean cyclists? As someone who loves cycling, I really hate it when other cyclists had to ring their bells, signaling to pedestrians to get the hell out of the way, when cyclists are supposedly more mobile, and can travel thru grass or just wait. They don’t own the sidewalk.
    As for being on the road, I hate the random cars who just horn for no reason thinking that since they pay road tax, they have exclusive rights to be on the roads.

  3. Don’t like bikers at all. Weirdos. At least, here, in Copenhagen.
    But if I insubordinate anything, I’m destrcuctive to bits.
    I’m a pro. And I always change my mind.

  4. Wari: I do mean cyclists. I think for the safety of cyclists the cycler and the motorist need to be educated and learn to respect each other. Sadly I don’t think that will ever happen.