Bud Light Institute Greeting Cards

If you were around in February of 2002 you might remember a post I made about a Bud Light CD compilation called “Ulterior Motives” which had great Man-oriented songs.
This year they have created the Bud Light Greeting Cards for Men with greetings (more like excuse) such as I Meant “Phat” with a “Ph”. Like the Kids Say. and I hope this card says all the things the non-stick cookware should have.. Good stuff if not political incorrect 🙂


  1. Coolest offer yet, those cards are hilarious!
    Whoever thought this one up should get a major bonus!
    Excellent graphic design. a winner all round!
    Where is the teddy bear one? It’s not in the package, how come?

  2. Finally someone is coming up with real good greeting cards, I think we all waited long enough for these.. but it was worth the wait!

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