CKMS Fun Time

I finally edited the pictures from the radio station on Saturday night. No pictures of me in the batch (since I was the fool taking them). They aren’t anything special but people like to look at pictures.
So with no further delay I present Saturday Night at CKMS 100.3 Radio Waterloo.

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  1. Yes, I’m one of them who’s been bugging you about the photos. Heh. By the way, your friend Smelder aka Sean is cute. 🙂

  2. Smelder

    Wow.. thanks Nit! These things we can’t possibly hear often enough..
    Troy – lots of good shots of the station there. How many did you take in total? Would you mind sending them to me? I’ve only got a couple of shots of the main studio from the past few years, and it would be good to have more..
    Especially the one about the bolsheviks..

  3. Sure Sean. I’ll upload them to your FTP some night. I have 14 pictures in total (the 8 I showed are just the better of the 14). If you want them with maximum resolution (1600×1200) all of them zipped is 6.5 megs.

  4. Smelder

    Excellent, thanks Troy.. I’ll leave the ftp up for you…

  5. I just realized that I don’t have your ftp address written down anymore. If you want to email me or ICQ me the address, username and password I will up them.