Dear Henry’s Camera (Waterloo, Ontario)

Dear Henry’s Camera store in Waterloo, Ontario:
We visited you again tonight. These visits are always painful experiences. I’m not sure how to put this lightly – your customer service sucks. It seems the only time you can get the notice of one of your “clerks” is if you start looking at something over 100 dollars. I understand that there were four people in the store and four clerks (that we could see), but could you not dedicate someone to hang out at the cash register.
One of the clerks even helped someone who came in after us since she was looking around for something. Good service for her- not for us. There is no excuse for making us wait 15 minutes to buy a 13 dollar bottle of developing chemical. Especially since it took us 30 seconds to grab it and take it to the register.
I’ve been trying to figure out how your customer service is so bad. The only reason I can think of is that your clerks get commission on their sales.
Unfortunately you are the only walk-in store we know that carries developing chemicals, without making a special order. I would have walked out of the store if there was another place to get the chemicals (actually we would have never gone to your store in the first place).
Don’t take this personally. Your selection is quite good, and our experience with your online store has always been good. Maybe it’s just your Waterloo store.
With regards,

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  1. Andy

    Dude – I avoid Henry’s in Toronto like the plague. I’ve vowed to never step foot there again (same with Downtown Camera – both on Queen east) because of shitty customer service. I actually wrote an email to the manager since I was made to feel like and idiot on numerous occasions. I got a response from him but just to talk about my experience – I said no and said that I will not come back and I will steer friends away from them. I got a couple more emails from him after but that was about it. I do know the jerk who waited on me has been fired – but no idea if it had something to do with me – I hope so.