Dear Truck Drivers,

Dear Truck Drivers,
Why must some of you drive so aggressively? One of these days you are going to hurt someone with your reckless driving. I know I know. There are a lot of jerks in cars as well – the one thing about cars is that the people you hit have a chance of surviving. I’m not saying that makes it okay for those jerks to drive that way but think about it this way. You are driving a vehicle that could weigh 50 Ton – 50 Tons versus a 2 Ton car is a one-sided battle.
I only ask you to be a little more considerate of the little ones on the road. If you treat us with respect we will treat you with respect and life will be good and less people will get hurt.
P.S. Did you know that in the past 9 days there have been 4 truck roll-overs in the Greater Toronto Area? That’s way too many for just over a week.


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