Fork Truck Training With Klaus

I recieved a link to a Germany fork truck training video in my email today. I’m not sure if it is suppose to be used to teach people the proper way to drive a fork lift or if it is suppose to have them rolling on the floor laughing. A word of warning though. Some scenes in the video are pretty graphic. If you can watch CSI without feeling sick then you can watch this video. It is only make believe decapitation, disembowlments and loss of limb so it’s actually kind of funny. Consider yourself warned.
As well the file is 6.5 megs so non-high speed internet user beware.

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  1. Firda

    I wonder if I’m the only Blue Goo reader who is a non-high speed internet user…

  2. I just noticed that. Should have been users 🙂 Oh well.