Friday Q – June 17, 2005

Friday Q: Bad
FQ1: Something you like to do or say that’s considered to be bad.
I bite my fingernails. I try to stop but I can’t. I think I got this habit from my mom.
FQ2: Something you like to watch or listen to that’s considered to be bad.
I listen to a lot of music that some people might consider bad. No I don’t listen to Def Leppard or Poison. I do listen to Foetus (who is very eclectic but probably sounds like “too much noise” to a lot of people). I also think that AC/DC are the greatest bad band there is (I don’t own any of their albums on CD – only a couple on vinyl).
FQ3: Something you like to eat or drink that’s considered to be bad.
I love Pepsi. I think that it is bad for me. Too much sugar, makes me fat.
FQ ASSOCIATION: Tell us something “bad” you associate with the following ten words: movie, song, television, place, book, taste, smell, sound, touch, and sight.
Movie: Anything featuring Van Damme or Seagal
Song: The opening song from Enterprise the TV show.
Television: COPS – I’ve watched it momentarily because it’s silly but not something that should still be on the air
Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – I was on vacation with my family. We were staying at a nice hotel downtown. Someone stole our van from the valet parking building. That ruined my time in Philadelphia.
Book: Dr. Sax by Jack Kerouac – the one book that has defeated me.
Taste: Korean Kimchi – horrible!
Smell: Durian fruit – horrible!
Sound: I went to a Godspeed You Black Emperor! concert a couple of years ago. There were two opening bands. The first band was okay, they screamed a lot but it wasn’t that bad. The second “band” was two guys on turntables who created the most painful “music” you’ve ever heard. At one point it sounded like a jet engine was hanging inches above your head. Most of the people in the club had they’re ears covered. Thankfully Godspeed Your Black Emperor! made up for the pain.
Touch: Anyone who has had pets would know that sometimes they like to throw up (or crap or pee) on the floor. Sometimes they do this while you are sleeping and sometimes you get up, walk around and step in this sickness (or crap or pee). The feeling of that grossness on your feet isn’t very nice. Just imagine it!
Sight: Almost any of the images on I haven’t been to that site in years and years. Too many disturbing images.
The End.

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  1. what are you *talking* about! kimchee and durian are both DELICIOUS! surely firda can convince you?

  2. I agree on the kimchee bit but disagree on the durian bit. 🙂 Durian is so good!!!