Haiku – Day 3

Woke up at seven,
Dumb brain did not want to sleep,
Damn! It’s the weekend!

As you can tell from the haiku I woke a little early today. I’m usually pretty good with sleeping in on the weekend. Something was just off. My brain and body didn’t want me to go back to bed. So I got up. Read a couple of comics and waited for Firda to get up.
I’ve also been playing “The Simpsons Game” for the Wii. Picked it up last night. It’s pretty good – a little frustrating at points – especially since the in-game camera is a little wacky. There are a lot of good cut scenes, which are new (never before seen in the TV show or movie). They do re-use some of the ideas from the show.
The plot of the game is that the Simpsons characters realize they are in a video game (since Bart finds the players manual when it falls out of the sky) and they use their new found powers to fight evil. I’m not that far into the game but it looks like Kudos and Kang are going to be wrecking havoc on the Simpsons world.
There are a lot of spoofs of other video games (as can be seen by the level names such as “Grand Theft Scratchy”, “Medal of Homer”, “Never Quest” to name a few). It looks like there is even a Katamari Damancy spoof in the crazy Japanese level.
I’ll let you know my thoughts at the end of the game.

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