Haiku – Still Tired (Day Six)

Lack of comments
Make poor boy Troy very sad!
Would you please comment?

So another long day of work. I’m looking forward to a little time in the office tomorrow. Though I don’t like getting up in the morning 🙂

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  1. nas

    pancakes pancakes may
    pull syrup from dreams, your
    fatigue, illusion
    I like your project – are you keeping them in a folder someplace? There’s a guy named David Antin who embarked on a very similar project in the late sixties. it’s called ‘The November Exercises’. He wrote something down everyday for the month of November and turned it into a book of poems. I can’t find it anywhere other than his ‘Selected Poems’, but if you can find it, it’s kind of interesting reading…

  2. Thanks Nas. It’s a nice little project. I’m enjoying it and its giving me a reason to write something every day. Even it is complete drivel 🙂

  3. nas

    oh yeah – i realized only AFTER i posted my comment that i dropped a syllable…but future generations will undoubtedly puzzle over the poetic significance of my deliberate violation of the form…