Happy Saturday to Me!!

So it’s Saturday and I got paid yesterday (since I only get paid once a month pay day is a big deal to me). I decided that I would go out and purchase a couple of DVD’s. My plan was to go to Future Shop and purchase Futurama Season One and the Family Guy Season 1 and 2 box sets. Sadly there was no Family Guy box set but I did see a Season One Speed Racer DVD which looked cool. So I picked them up.
I was set on getting the Family Guy box set so I went over to Blockbuster and then to Rogers Video. Sadly I didn’t find the Family Guy but I did find a lot of used movies for relatively cheap (the cheapest was 10 CDN and the most expensive was 15 CDN). I ended up buying Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Shrek, Jimmy Neutron, Maelstrom and The Ring. I can’t buy anymore DVD’s for the next couple of weeks – except maybe the Family Guy set if I see it 🙂

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  1. i like family guy too. It’s funny, esp the kid who’s goign to take over the world.