Hello 2008 baby – Get out of here stinky old 2007!

HAPPY NEW YEARS to Everyone!
It’s 2008. No flying cars yet, though there is a boat load of snow on the ground.
We spent the evening with a group of friends in Oakville (west side of Toronto). We left around 12:30 and the snow was coming down. Driving in snow is always interesting. There were a couple of places when I didn’t really want to be driving (especially when the snow is flying directly at the car and you can barely see the road).
We made it home in one piece, and I’m thankful that we left when we did because it looks like it snowed pretty hard all night and it’s still going. We would have been stuck in Oakville (not that that would have been a bad thing but I like my bed and we have movies and stuff we want to watch today).
A little 2007 recap:
Number of Books read: 82
Most Enjoyable Book read: The Persepolis series by Marjane Satrapi
Enjoyable movies viewed in 2007 (out of the ones I can remember): Superbad, Juno, The Tracey Fragments, No Country for Old Men
Movies I’m looking forward to in 2008: Be Kind Rewind (Dir. Michel Gondry), Blindness (Dir. Fernando Meirelles), The Box (Dir. Richard Kelly), Burn After Reading (Dir. Coen Brothers), Choke (Dir. Clark Gregg) – to name but a few.
Best Video Game from 2007 (for the Wii): Super Mario Galaxy and Super Paper Mario
Most memorable moment of 2007: Mailing out Firda’s Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) application to Immigration Canada.
Most awaited event of 2008: Getting the decision from Immigration Canada on Firda’s PR application.

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  1. Happy New Year 2008! Driving in a snowstorm is awful, but I still think you’re lucky that you have snow!

  2. Nit

    Have a great year 2008!