Hey Nostradamus!

Another work week starts. Actually one day has already passed but for me it was spent in meetings and then doing work and slacking at home during the afternoon. The weekend was entertaining with going away parties for several friends plus also hanging out with people I haven’t seen in months. Plus I also started and finished the new Douglas Coupland novel Hey Nostradamus!. I bought it Friday afternoon and finished it Sunday morning. Why the rush to finish the book? Mr. Coupland is coming to the University of Waterloo on Thursday of this week to do a reading and a signing. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to see this Canadian icon read his own work and maybe give us some background into the story and his thought processes. The book itself is a departure from his other novels but you can still tell it’s a Coupland novel. I enjoyed it. I don’t think it’s his strongest story but it is full of emotions, especially hope. The book is split into four chapters. Each chapter is told by a different person and in different years (ranging from 1988 to 2003). Each person tells there stories with most of them centered around a Columbine like high school massacre in Vancouver. The first two stories are told by people who were at the massacre and the last two stories are by a friend and family of a survivor. I won’t go into much more detail than that. If you are a Coupland fan then I suggest you give this book a read. I will post my thoughts on the reading more than likely on Friday. Until then.

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  1. wow! I’m so jealous! it will be indeed cool to get your copy signed by coupland.. I read the book; i wouldn’t say it’s the best (that would be a toss-up between Life after God and Microserfs) but it’s coupland alright.

  2. I’d have to agree with you Sharon. My favorites would be a toss-up between those two as well. Though I probably really liked Microserfs because the main character in the story came to my university in the book. That’s always cool. 🙂