Human vs. Car

Most days when I’m driving my car I tend to sympathize with the pedestrian since motorists tend to be a bunch of idiots. Today on my way home my thoughts on that subject changed when I almost hit a pedestrian.
I was driving home from work and came up to a signaled crosswalk that just happens to coincide with a railroad crossing. At that point I was passing a city bus which has to stop at railway crossings. Unlike the bus I don’t have to stop at railway crossings. As the bus was stopping and as I was passing the bus someone decided it would be a good idea to cross the road in front of the bus. Luckily she saw me at the last minute since I wouldn’t have been able to slow down enough not to cause serious damage. I was doing around 50 km/hr and would have had about 2 seconds to stop if she would have darted out in front of me.
I’m just thankful that she saw me in time. I wasn’t going over the limit or doing anything wrong but I don’t think anything should get hurt over something like that. Even if they were being stupid but everyone’s allowed to make mistakes.

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  1. Ever notice how the closer you get to a university, the less common sense is used when it comes to walking around? I just about claubbered someone once who didn’t even notice the red light, and tried to walk across a major thorougfare. I left major black skid marks… Didn’t hit her… Don’t think she even saw me. She just kept walking. Eyes never moved. Now, that’s concentration!

  2. Hi~! I’m Korean blogger. These days I’m trying to get a driver license. After reading your post, I decided to become a good driver.. ^^ Have a good day~!! I’ll come here often. Bye~

  3. Hed: I mentioned that to Firda last night that as you get closer to a university the intellegence of pedestrians seem to drop off. And it’s so true. Sadly the intellegence levels for motorists seem to drop off the closer they get to their car 🙂

  4. Thank goodness all is well! And btw, nice new look! 🙂