I Survived a Cold and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

So I’m feeling better. The cold is on it’s way out the door and in a couple of days (or weeks) it will scurry back to the place it came from. Actually I’m pretty sure it came from Firda as payback for the cold I gave her a little over a month ago. In reality I think I caught the same cold, just a little mutated. Either way in total I’ve been to work for two days this week [took Monday off, went in Tuesday, took Wednesday off (I almost lost my voice on Tuesday), went to Toronto on Thursday for a work function, and then I’m in at work today]. Though during those two days off I worked from home, which is a nice thing about my job.
Now it’s onto the recovery period of my sickness. I’m still coughing, my stomach still acts up from time to time, etc etc and many more things you don’t want to here. Hopefully this weekend will do the trick.

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