Ian Wright @ the University of Waterloo

Last Wednesday Ian Wright, the little sarcastic British bloke from the travel shows Lonely Planet and Pilot Guides, stopped by the University of Waterloo on his latest speaking tour. The night was filled with stories of his travels in foreign countries and the mishaps and fun he experienced in all of them. Any accompaning slide show complimented the stories and took the audience along with his on his foreign adventures.
For those of you who have watched either the Lonely Planet or Pilot Guides show you know that Ian Wright has the typical British sense of humour, both sarcastic but friendly at the same time, and you know he really enjoys what he does. All of this is amplified 100 times when your in his presence. The only shock I had was how small he really is stature wise. He’s kind of like the Tom Cruise of the travel industry, big personality – small stature. He truly does have one of the best jobs in the world, travelling for 7 months out of the year. He told us how he wasn’t initially in the running for the job. He sent in his tape but wasn’t in the final selection but through a little luck the big wigs selecting a host saw his audition tape and he was selected for the job.
If you get the chance go out and see Ian. The night was highly enjoyable, he talked about his travels and his life for about an hour and a half and ended with an hour question and answer session. All this for only $17 CDN. You can also catch him on his new TV show Ian Wright Live. I know it’s on OLN (the outdoor life network) in Canada and I believe it’s on the BBC in Britain.


  1. I love Ian Wright and his travel guides! There are repeats of that everyday on cable, but unfortunately his new show is not on our cable. I’d be looking out for it though!

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