Illustration Friday – Sorrow

Another Illustration Friday. It’s a fun little thing to do. The topic this week is Sorrow. I started this picture just so I could play around in Photoshop 7. I started making a sad picture about someone who lost their favorite pet to carelessness. It ended with Firda and I laughing at how silly it looks. Oh and she kept telling me to flatten the image. I hate flattening the image.


  1. “she kept telling me to flatten the image.”
    I thought the DOG was what was flattened! :/ Sadly, I have to keep my cats inside, and dogs in the yard; I live a block from a highway… I see dead animals every day. :,(
    In the real world (of Photoshop), DON’T flatten your image: SAVE A COPY as a flattened image if you need one, or if you need to export it. When you do difficult jobs, you might want to try a different approach to something you did in one layer… and if it’s flattened, you have no more layer.

  2. OMG I am so sick! I am laughing at this and it is SAD! What is wrong with me? And I have a dog! Why is this funny to me? How can it be funny and sad? HAHAHA! I mean, it’s really sad. Nice job!

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