It’s Snowing…AGAIN!

It’s snowing again in Southwestern Ontario. I think we have recieved a little more than 10 centimeters since early this morning. It’s been coming down all day. It’s suppose to turn into rain at some point in the day and then change back into snow a little later. I swear. Once I have the chance I’m moving away from here!!! 🙂


  1. I’ll go with you! This weather is insane.
    The jingle is..
    April Showers bring May Flowers
    April Blizzards bring may lizards.
    On a completely unrelated note, Scary Chuck is surging in popularity again. 200+ visits to him today…This continues to baffle me. A two minute flash project intended for you just keeps getting attention from the world wide masses…

  2. More attention from Japan? I checked it out today to see what the hit count was up too. All because I posted it on Firda’s site 🙂

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