Firda and I spent a large chunk of this weekend catching up on season one of Lost. We picked up the DVDs last weekend with the intent of watching them before the first episode of season two. Little did we know there was only a week and a half until season two started. Yesterday we flew through the last five episodes. Now I can’t wait to see if they resolve any of the cliff-hangers (since there were two very defined cliff-hangers, that I know bugged a lot of die-hard fans).
The one thing I’m really worried about this show is that J.J Abrams (the creator) will take the show in the wrong direction and instead of it being innovative and interesting, it will become stupid on par with a lot of the shows on TNN (i.e. Stripperella). From what I understand that is what happened to Alias.
Now I just have to catch back up on the Gilmore Girls. I’m about a season behind right now!!!

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  1. I can’t wait until we get Lost! I’ve heard so much about it – not to mention that Dominic Monaghan is in it.

  2. You and your LOTR obsession 🙂 Though the show is quite good. Slow at times but I’m looking forward to the next season.

  3. sharon

    i love LOST! There was a saturday marathon (5 episodes back to back) a while back for about a month and my social life (not that there was much of it) came to a literal standstill on Sats! I didnt even step out of the house, except to get more salt n’ vinegar chips. haha.
    I’m behind on Gilmore Girls as well but I shall perservere! Do you watch House?

  4. I’ll probably try to catch up on the Gilmore Girls while Firda watches Law and Order (SVU, CI, Original etc. etc. etc.). We don’t watch House. Looks interesting but I really don’t need any new shows 🙂