Mirror Project – Reflective Geometry

I noticed a couple of days ago that I started getting a lot of hits from my mirror project picture. This confused me since I didn’t think it was over exceptional and I’d only had a couple of hits from it before. Then it dawned on me. I must be featured somewhere on the site. I quickly ran over to the Mirror Project and checked the main page – no luck, I thought maybe I’d be a random image selected from the More… section – again no luck. In a last ditch effort I checked the New Gallery by Jan Harsman and there I was in all my glory, one of the priveleged few selected from his Reflective Geometry gallery. I can almost die a happy man. First I show up on Blogdex and now as a feature on the Mirror Project. 🙂 I’m so vain. I bet I thought this song was about me.


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