Movie Sites That Are More Than Movie Sites

Whenever I want to learn something about a film I usually first turn to the Internet Movie Database (which I think I’ve stated before) and then I check out the movies website for their bias view of the movie they produced. In general movie sites are quite entertaining but sometimes there is a movie site that goes above and beyond what they are suppose to be for.
One of my all time favorite movie site is for Requiem for a Dream. The site very flash intensive and will take a while to play with. I believe there are four different paths that can be choosen having to do with the four main characters. If you don’t want you mind to be screwed with don’t go to this site!
The Donnie Darko movie site is very well done as well. Very reminisent of the Requiem site. The site is less of a movie site and more a companion to the movie. If you’ve seen the movie you’ve probably been confused. This site helps clear up some of the confusing and might possibly confuse you more 🙂 Have fun.
Another one that I haven’t gotten around to exploring much is for The Center of the World. I haven’t seen the movie yet but the site is interesting. A word of warning though. From what I’ve gathered the movie is about strippers and prostitution and I believe some of the images on the website may not be work safe so enter at your own risk.
If you know of any fun and entertaining movie sites let me know. I’m always on the look out.

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  1. Firda

    I think “Memento” movie site is pretty interesting (disturbing?). The address is memento spelled backwards:
    It’s also flash intensive.