Neko Case @ The Starlight Club – March 27th, 2002

Another weekend another concert. Last night a night of alt-country music was held at the Starlight Club in Waterloo with Neko Case and the Sadies headlining.
The show opened with Carolyn Mark playing a half dozen or so of her songs. In between songs she told us stories about herself and at one point told us that we were her “test audience before she is thrown to the wolves”. The second opener was some guy named Neville with a back up band. I know they had a name (something like ND Arbuckle or something like that). More alt-country goodness.
Finally the headliners, Neko Case and the Sadies, took the stage. Carolyn Mark reappeared to help Mrs. Kelly Hogan with the backup signing. For those of your not familiar with Neko Case, she sounds like an old country singer on par with Patsy Cline. I was surprised how short she was since her voice is so large and powerful and I didn’t expected it. Most of the music sung during the set was new songs from her forthcoming album. The night ended with a rendition of “This Little Light Of Mine“. After two opening bands, an hour set and two encores the night was finished.
Neko stuck around for a while after the show to sell CDs and sign autographs. I got my ticket signed and picked up a CD. The music was great, though throughout the night I kept on thinking to myself how this is the type of music my mom listened to when I was younger. I guess in my old age I’ve learned to appreciate more diversity in music and I’m glad I have.

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