No Friday Five Again

No Friday Five this week again. Not that I mind. I think I will just climb into bed and read. I’m reading Whale Music by Paul Quarrington. Paul is a Canadian author who doesn’t get enough recognition, even within Canada.
Whale Music has been made into a movie but I haven’t seen it yet. I plan on seeing it but not until I’ve finished reading the book.
I stumbled across Mr. Quarrington when I picked up a book called Home Game at a book sale. I liked the cover and when I read the back cover it sounded like the kind of book I could enjoy. The writing on the back said “The fundamentalists want the freaks to leave town and a baseball game is organized to decide who gets to stay. During these all-important nine innings we learn that, despite all appearances, these eccentric characters cannot deny the humanity that makes them all members of a single team“. It ended up being a very nice story about a bunch of circus freaks who play a game of baseball against a bunch of fundamental amish people (for lack of a better word). Excellent writing and excellent characters made it a very enjoyable.
I doubt you’d be likely to find any of Paul’s books outside of Canada or you would have to look very very hard to find them. They are well worth the search though.

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