One week and one day!

In one week and one day Firda will be getting off a plane in Toronto to start her Canadian adventure. I’m getting excited about her visit (and I hope she is getting excited about her Canadian visit). I’m also hoping that the culture shock isn’t too bad – it should be lessened a little by her 9-day stay in England.
Until then I am heading up to my cottage for the weekend. It’s the May 2-4 long weekend in Canada (also known as the Victoria Day Long Weekend – for Queen Victoria’s birthday). This is the weekend that we open the cottage for the season. I hope it doesn’t rain all weekend like it’s suppose to.

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  1. chartoo

    Glad to see you have a little ducky ready and waiting for Firda’s visit.
    She should feel right at home.

  2. Very cool. So are you meeting in person for the first time?
    It’s so neat that we can make friends on the other side of the world now.
    Have fun!

  3. Firda

    I saw the statue of Queen Victoria in front of the Windsor Castle and I couldn’t help but wondered if she always looked that angry.

  4. H: Yep. This is the first time we will be meeting. Should be an interesting first meeting 🙂 We will let everyone know all about it 🙂