Pirate Speak, Me Matey!!

I planned on trying to type this message using “pirate-speak” but it just doesn’t translate as nicely without the gruff pirate accent. At the end of the second sentence I looked back and realized that all I had typed was crap. So here we are. I’m typing English. It might not be very good English but it’s unequivocally English.
Why would I try to do something stupid like type a blog entry in English? Well did you know? According to Dave Barry today is “Talk Like A Pirate” Day.
So to get you in the spirit I present you with several pirate links: Learn about pirates from National Geographic Kids, Facts and Legends about Pirates or read the pirate magazine No Quarter Given. There is a lot more pirate info out there.
So go outside and shiver your timbers or make someone walk the plank just for the heck of it. Arrrrrrrr!
(Original Dave Barry booty plundered from Firda the Scoundrel who pillaged it from Scurvy Dog Phil)

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  1. Firda

    Earlier today, I was going to make a post entirely in Pirateish (?) but then I realised that I didn’t know how to speak it. Arrrrr!!! (That’s about the only pirate expression I know *grins*)

  2. old grasper inc

    ooh ar jim-lad!

  3. cliff

    ahoy maharties now i battened down the hatches and tide the main brace i will tell thee that pirate speak comes from thee belly ye rotten landlovers ah harrrrr ar ar ha ar