Sometimes I wish that people I knew in the offline world didn’t know my blog existed. Sometimes I just want to vent and get rid of all of my feelings/emotions/peeves but feel self-conscious because I don’t want to expose too much of myself. I don’t want to show people how emotionally unstable I really can be. That’s just who I am.
Don’t get me wrong Joe, SMooSH and Smelder. I like that you read my blog. I like that you leave comments and I like that I know you offline. This is just me posting. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Now I try to sleep. Thanks Firda. 🙂


  1. You know, that’s exactly how I feel sometimes which is why I haven’t posted much these days. I want to rant, but I’m worried that my collegues will find my blog. It might get me into trouble. Oh well…

  2. P.S.
    If you ever have anything to blog about me, i.e that SMooSH is such a dork and a lame-o, feel free…you know I wouldn’t mind…8^)
    All in the name of troy’s mental health…
    And don’t forget to stand in front of the mirror and yell in a scottish accent…That is also good for mental health…Just look at me…as mentally healthy as they come…(???)

  3. I’ve felt the same way….many times. So much so, in fact, that I have one of those freebie blogs specifically for venting. I don’t post there unless I need to vent, and it’s not customized in any way, but it serves it’s purpose.
    I debated on getting some kind of journaling software, but with a blog, I can vent anywhere (as long as I have an internet connection, which I usually do).

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