Senior Year Meme

A Senior Year Meme from In A Mood. Read it if you dare. I was a pretty boring high schooler.
What year was it? 1994/1995
What were your three favorite bands or musical artists? Not sure. The bands I can think of would be Ween, Foetus, the Forgotten Rebels though I believe Dead Can Dance is in there somewhere.
What was your favorite outfit? I wasn’t much for fashion. I still am not.
What was up with your hair? Really really messy blonde.
Who were your best friends? The same friends I have now. We just don’t see each other as much as I would like.
Where did you work? I didn’t have to work during the school year. Where I lived most kids worked their butts off during the summer to make enough money for the whole year.
What did you do after school? Watch TV, do homework, feel depressed (you know – teenage angst and all that fun stuff).
Did you take the bus? Not during my senior year. My parents let me use the extra car during the day. Some days I needed to take the school bus.
Who did you have a crush on? There was a girl down the road who I thought was really cute.
Did you fight with your parents? Sometimes. My mom annoyed me to no end.
Who did you have a CELEBRITY crush on? I don’t remember. Maybe Winona Ryder? Having a crush on a celebrity seems to be more work than it’s worth 🙂
Did you smoke cigarettes? Nope. I had a lot of friends who did. Most of them have quit, which I think it fantastic.
Did you lug all of your books around in your backpack because you were too nervous to find your locker? I took as many books as I needed, depending on whether I could make it to my locker and back to class before the bell went.
Did you have a

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