Snow Day for Me!!!

One of the nice things about working at the University is the fact that if the public schools in the region are closed due to the weather then the University closes as well. This means all classes are cancelled plus employees don’t need to go in to work. That is what happened this morning. Due to the winter storm that is moving through eastern Canada, which included about 20 to 30 centimeters of snow for Waterloo combined with wind and freezing rain. Apparently we are suppose to be getting more snow later today.
I really should go back to bed but then I’d throw my sleeping pattern off. Not that I have one. And to all the rest of you who have to go to work today all I have to say is SUCKERS!! 🙂 Joking joking 🙂


  1. Curses to you Hed!!! Though I do like the snow at times since it gives me an excuse to be inside doing stuff on the computer. When it’s really really nice outside I usually feel guilty doing that. 🙂

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