Spammers Who Need Spammers

I just got a funny SPAM this morning. Not so much “ha-ha” funny as stupid funny. The title of this particular email was “If You Don’t Send Bulk Email… YOUR COMPETITION WILL!”. It then continues to estow the virtues of sending bulk emails to unwitting Internet users with the purpose of increase the profitability of your business. Now what I find funny is that this is a spamming company attempting to get hired so they can spam for other companies.
To try and get companies they use this simple mathematical calculation.
1) Let’s say you… Sell a $24.95 PRODUCT or SERVICE.
2) Let’s say you… Mass Email to 1,000,000 PEOPLE DAILY.
3) Let’s say you… Receive JUST 1 ORDER for EVERY 2,500 EMAILS.
[Day 1]: $9,980 [Week 1]: $69,860 [Month 1]: $279,440

Now this is assuming that you have a product that 400 people per day will want to buy. Highly unlikely. Especially when you annoy them by sending spam to their inboxes when they didn’t even ask for it. I don’t know about you but most of the time I delete spam even before I read it. Your not going to get my business with SPAM!!! Bastards!!!!

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