The Gay Marriage Debate Rages On

Even though I’m not a religious person (in the traditional institutionalized sense of the word) I am thankful that my parents raised me in the United Church of Canada. Especially when an article about the debate surrounding gay marriages in Canada states “The United Church of Canada … believes that extending marriage rights to gays and lesbians is a victory for human dignity“. When you contrast this with comments by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (which said “Because it [the definition of marriage] pre-exists the state and because it is fundamental for society, the institution of marriage cannot be modified, whether by the Charter of Rights, the state or a court of law.“) you can tell which of the religions I would choose to support (being the bleeding-heart Liberal I am) 🙂
I guess the Supreme Court of Canada hearings surrounding this issue will proceed tomorrow. I don’t see how the Supreme Court could do anything but accept gay-marriages (especially considering more than half of the provinces allow them). I guess we will see in a couple of days.
NOTE: Any inappropriate comments will be deleted. Especially those made by intolerant bigoted jerks. Thank you.

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  1. Laura

    United Church-me too.
    Good old Tang and gold macaroni glueing days.

  2. Good old – Jesus loves you days 🙂

  3. Yay Troy…
    I was hoping that gross comment wouldn’t be around for long…
    Ignorant fools…

  4. laura

    I like goat cheese. Jennifer likes to call chick peas and tomato chucks soup.