The Oarfish

I was just reading an CBC article on a reported “sea serpent” spotting off the coast of Nova Scotia. The conclusion made by a zoologist at the Nova Scotia museum is that it was probably a fish know as the oarfish. This peaked my interest since I’m a information freak (plus I’m especially fond of the animal world) and got me googling for information on the oarfish. This picture shows an oarfish which was caught off the coast of California in 1996. Imagine something that big swimming by you or floating on the surface of the water. I also found an account of an oarfish sighting along with a video of the encounter (the video is at the bottom of the page). It actually doesn’t look very menacing in the video though I would still be quite a bit freaked out with it swimming around me.
Cool animal. Isn’t my site better than the Discovery channel? 🙂

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  1. Now the crazy thing is….
    I had a long and vivid dream about swimming in a lake last night. Wile swimming across the lake I encountered a fish of approximately the same size. It swam under me a number of times. I remember looking down at it as it was swimming by, wondering when the fish would end. Occasionaly it would brush up against my legs.
    Before reaching the other side of the lake, I encountered a boat. I climbed on and met a military general type fellow, who told me that the rest of the guys from the boat, were out hunting the giant fish.
    I didn’t think much of the dream until I read your post…
    Quite odd…

  2. I have never heard of this fish till reading it here. Definitely better than Discovery channel. 🙂
    That is a very interesting fish.

  3. nunubug21

    The oarfish is amazing!!!!
    Although I know very little of it
    It is my favourite fish…If any one has seen one and is willing to share the tale please contact me on
    Thanks 😀