The Sims As Seen By Justis

For those of you who don’t read Justis’s rants over at Voodoo Time Dot Com, which you really should, I thought I would quote his most recent post about the Sims – Deluxe Edition:
“About two hours into this, I realized I had been suckered. I was sitting at the computer playing a game in which I had to do all the things I hate doing in real life! I was making a little computer person make his bed, take out the trash, water plants, and wash dishes. How is this fun? What is there about this to enjoy? In fact, a full Sim day lasts about 15 minutes of real time. So in two hours, I had already done some eight days worth of housework. In real life, it takes me well over eight days to do eight days worth of housework.”
This is some of the funniest blog writing I’ve read in a while. Especially if imagine a angry suprised tone of voice for the first sentence. πŸ™‚ And the funniest thing is his quote is so very true. Why are people obsessed with playing a game in which you do everyday things.
The one time I played the Sims I started with a four person family. A mother, a father, a son and a daughter. Within the first week the son was sent off to military school and the father was fired from his job because he didn’t go to work for several days in a row. The main reason why he couldn’t get to work is because the wife had passed out crying on the bathroom floor so he couldn’t shower. Eventually the daughter was shipped off to military school as well because of her slipping grades. The husband eventually left his wife and she spent most of her time crying on the floor. Eventually I decided to be merciful on her and told her to take a swim. While she was in the water I removed the pool ladder so that she couldn’t get out of the pool leading to her drowning. At that point in the game I was feeling less merciful and more sadistical. What a great game. I might have to reload it on to the computer sometime this weekend πŸ™‚


  1. Thanks to a very clever invention (called the Sims), we now know how far you would go when you’re bored. I wouldn’t want to go near you, ever! Sick bastard! (Courtesy of, the Sims)

  2. Firda

    Ah, so that’s where you go when you need to be mean πŸ˜‰ Gamers…

  3. Thanks for the mention, Troy! Despite my rant, I’m still playing the stupid game. πŸ˜‰
    Your Sims experience sounds like my first try. After weeks of playing, I still can only manage a single-Sim household. People have commented on my entry that my Sims experience sounds like parenthood. I think I’m going to leave the whole “dad” thing to the experts.

  4. Sweet mother of God.
    The Sims are almost ordering me to reload them. In the past week, I’ve read or heard the mentioned 3 times. I take them off when school starts b/c it’s just not a winning combination.…

  5. hehe. i’ve always wanted to try that game!!

  6. Angela

    Heheh, you sound like me. I’m a big fan of making a sim person that looks like me, another sim person who looks like someone I’m pissed off at, and making them get in a big fight…It’s frighteningly theraputic.

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