The Smells of Southwestern Ontario

Hi all. I went home for the weekend again. This time so I could go to a book sale in Dunville. It was really cool. A huge warehouse with thousands of new books all for prices from 1 to 5 dollars. They weren’t all new in the sense that they’d been released in the past month but new in the sense that no one had read them. I picked up 24 books for 30 dollars. Trust me. It was a deal 🙂
Last night I noticed something. Southwestern Ontario smells interesting. I’ve noticed this before but last night it was much more evident for some reason. A little background first: When I drive home or drive up to Waterloo from home I take back roads. I’m only on a major roadway (which isn’t really all that major) for about 5 minutes just before turning onto my concession road. Since I take the back roads I drive through a lot of really nice country land surrounded by livestock, fields, farms, trees, hills and the open air. An added bonus is that you very rarely see any police so if your in a hurry you don’t really have to be that worried.
Back to the original line of thought. Taking the backroads means that I can keep my car windows rolled down, crank the music and not have to worry about breathing in tonnes of smog. There are other aromas to smell though. A lot of the smells are pleasant such as flowers (especially lilacs), trees, burning leaves etc. Along with the good come the bad. Since there is a lot of fields and livestock along this route logically there must also be lots of manure. That is one of the more unpleasant smells, especially for city folks. My parents have lived in the country for the past 19 years so I’m use to the smell so it doesn’t bug me that much, though pig manure is so much worse that cow.
And now I’m just rambling.

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  1. Firda

    Trust me, buffalo manure wins first prize in stinkiness.

  2. Ugh, I think all kinds of manure stink just as bad. On the plus side, driving along the countryside must be a pleasant and relaxing experience (minus the manure smell). 🙂

  3. There used to be a chicken farm off the highway on my way to work. The stench was awful. I have to disagree with Firda on this one… Chicken poo is hands-down the worst poo smell ever! 😉

  4. we’ve got the lovely smell of forest fires going on… not to mention the sky being obscured by smoke…

  5. Christine DuMoulin

    Hi, great story. Could you please give directions to the Dunville warehouse Book Sale. I would love to go. Thanks.

  6. Here is a quick synopsis of the directions assuming you are coming into Dunnville on Hwy #3 from the west side of town (if your coming from another way MapQuest or Google maps will help): Follow Hwy #3 through all it’s twists and turns, go through the one stoplight and then approx. two blocks, after that is Tamarac Street. Turn left onto Tamarac Street, follow to Cross Street. Turn right on Cross Street. Look for the Industrial Park there, drive straight through to the back, park and follow the people who know where they are going because sometimes the signs aren’t there. The signs if they are there say Book Sale.
    This is from this site. The only things I see wrong with the info on that site is I believe they aren’t open in January as well and the book sale ends at 2:00 pm (from what I understand.
    If you go enjoy it. I know I always do.