The Summer Concert Season

Well the Summer Concert Season seems to have started, at least the ticket buy part of it. I don’t tend to go to many concerts throughout the year, usually due to the fact that most of the good concerts are in Toronto (an hour or so drive away) plus they tend to be in the middle of the week. This morning I recieved an email from a friend who lives in Toronto asking if Firda and I wanted to join her and her husband at a concert on Olympic Island.
Check it out!!! Broken Social Scene! The Bloc Party! AND Feist! What a great line up.
After consulting with the wife we confirmed that we would indeed be interested and minutes later the tickets were secured.
It’s still months away, but it should be a great show. Plus the venue is fantastic. An island, in Lake Ontario, just off the shore of Toronto. I saw Bjork there almost three years ago.

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