The TV Guide Game #1 – Feb. 1990

I’ve been cleaning the apartment a little bit tonight and stumbled across a dozen TV guides from 1989 to 1990. I was going to throw them up but then I thought I could have a little game called “Name that TV show”. I will give you a brief synopsis of a TV show that played in prime time (and was not an old show) and you guy what show I’m talking about. I’ll post a couple of these and then at the end the person with the most right answers will get a prize (unless it’s Firda).
Today’s synopsis is from Tuesday February 13, 1990:
“Sam is a Native American who helped his grandfather escape from a nursing home, but now has to help find a way for him to die with dignity.”
The first person to get it right will be the winner of this round.
Update: I’m holding back on approving the comments to this post so more people can have a chance to guess, since I’d imagine people don’t check my blog daily (what with my neglect and all).
Update 2: Congrats to Hed for correctly guessing that the synopsis was from Quantum Leap. Look forward to the next round coming up sometime this weekend.


  1. wow, troy this is a great idea! unfortunately i dont have the answer.
    p.s.: at least i’m not cheating (by googling)

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