The United States of Fear

Why oh why? Why does the American government feel that it needs to scare the crap out of their citizens ever second of every day? I just read this Yahoo article about the Terrorist Scenario Security Report from the Department of Homeland Security (which I will now refer to as De Ho Security because it’s funny), where they outline potential methods of terrorist attacks.
I’m reading this article and thinking if I was a terrorist some of these things sound pretty good. They should have just called the report “A Guide to Attacking America: Things You May Not Have Thought Of”. I’m glad I’m Canadian. The only time I’m afraid of leaving my house is when the weather is in the subzero temperatures. Brrrrr!!!!

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  1. Yeah, it’s great fun. I just love the way they have to keep us slightly freaked out all the time. After all, if we weren’t, we’d be having too much fun. And apparently, that’s unholy or something.