Thesis Writing Break

Hello all. This post is going to be about nothing in particular. I just need a break from thesis writing / proof-reading. I think I’m done two whole sections. I’m just reading them over, adding the figures and tables and then I will send them off to my supervisor so he can proof-read them. I’m sure he will have a bunch of corrections for me but I won’t care.
I’ve had a pretty good thesis writing week so far but I think I’m losing steam. I just want to weekend to be here and I want to watch Donnie Darko again. The first one I will have to wait for but as for the second I think I am going to watch it tonight. Maybe get some pizza and just veg out on the couch tonight. Sounds like an idea. I’m debating whether to watch it with the director’s commentary on or not. I really should since everyone says that listening to it causes everything to make more sense.
Anyways. I should get back to proof-reading. I don’t like proof-reading. Not fun at all but it has to be done. Oh well.

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