Unexpected Weirdness

Quick Question: How many of you have stood in a subway tunnel while a subway moved by two feet in front of you?
Well I did on Friday – and it was kind of freaky. Though the subways moved by at slow speeds (around 15 kph) but it was still kind of weird that this multi-ton vehicle was moving within leaning distance of me.
I didn’t do it for the heck of it. I was in contractor training for a job my business is working on. It was a rather unexpected turn of events, but something very few people will experience.

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  1. kaley

    I love the underground in London – but I’ve never been in the tunnels outside of the train! That would be kinda cool. Cities are such amazing places beneath the surface (literally and metaphorically). During rush hour, I’ve stood more than comfortably close to the gap while the train came in or was pulling out. It’s so eerie that the underground goes from a cacophony of noise and movement to utter silence and stillness. I likes em. Oh – except for in the heat – or yr on a train and it’s really really full and it stops between stations for a long time (i.e. more than 1 minute…)