Visiting Cat

A couple days and no post? You may wonder where have I been and what I have been doing with myself? A whole lot of nothing. Yesterday I stayed home from work just because. I needed to catch up on some sleep and I was feeling kind of crappy in the morning. That all passed by about noon. Then I had to go and help my housemate push his car across a moderately busy intersection since he blew his transmission fluid line. My left wrist (which some of you might remember I broke two Septembers ago) didn’t much like that and has tensed up a little bit. Not too bad.
Other than those exciting moments I’ve just been hanging at home playing with the cat. Yes, we have a cat. Only for two weeks though. My parents have disappeared on vacation for two weeks (to Las Vegas no less) and we are taking care of the family cat, Molly. I posted pictures of her about a year ago. She was very aprehensive of the new place for the first hour or two but now she is strutting around like she owns it. Only cats can do that. Take over a place with no effort at all. She also likes to wake me up around 7:00 in the morning. I’m certainly not a morning person so I really don’t like these intrusions 🙂

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