Waterloo Region Locator

Today at school someone showed me an interesting website. Actually this website will only be interesting to people that are interested in Waterloo Region (the region I live in). I know Angela (Goalie Girl) and Pat (the Booge) will probably find it quite interesting since Angela lives here and Pat was a former Cambridge resident.
The site I’m talking about is the Region of Waterloo Locator. The locator is a satellite image of the TriCities (Waterloo, Kitchener and Cambridge) which is searchable by street name, address, landmarks, public services and lot number. The resolution on the image is pretty good down to about the car level. To set the image resolution go to the “View” dropdown menu at the top of the screen and hit “Imagery” and then select the imagery you prefer. The “TriCity Imagery” selection is the best resolution. You can also turn landmarks, street names etc. on or off by selecting “View” and “Layer List”.
If you want to see where I do a search for 451 Albert St in Waterloo. That’s my place (though you’ll have to figure out the unit number on your own). Other places in the region I’ve lived are 19 Elgin St (Waterloo), 197 Albert St (Waterloo) and 122 First Ave (Cambridge).
Lots of fun if you know the area.

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  1. Neato!!! I used to live on 365 Albert, but then I moved…just down the street and around the corner though.
    Thanks for the cool link! 🙂