Wedding Reception – 2 Months After the Wedding

Firda and I just got back from a busy busy weekend (actually it was a pretty busy week as well). We had a “wedding reception” for friends and family, mostly for the people who we couldn’t invite to the wedding. We ended up having around 90 people down to my parents place Saturday afternoon and into the night.
I took Friday afternoon off so Firda and I could finish up what we needed to do and then head to my parents place early to help set up the tables and such. We also made 120 Rissoles (which are like Dutch/Indonesian spring rolls with hash browns, ground beef and various vegetables).
We got to sleep in Saturday morning (at least I did). Firda and I spent a fair amount of time deep frying the Rissoles. Then we ran around trying to find a guest book, which took us to several stores before we were successful.
People started arriving around 4 o’clock. We had dinner at 5:30 or so (Roast Beef, fresh corn [which had been picked that morning],salads etc.). After that people sat around, talked and listened to the music. There was also Bacci ball going on, which I discovered I’m horrible at. The last party goers (my friends) left at 1:30ish, which I think was pretty good.
I believe everyone had a good time. At least I hope I do. We love all of the presents (and money) we recieved, which will be used for our Honeymoon next week.
And that was the weekend. I know Firda will have a better description and pictures to go along with it at some point soon.

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  1. sharon

    sounds like a fun party! where are you guys headed for your honeymoon?

  2. We are going to Eastern Canada. Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, mostly. It’s only two weeks so not a lot of time, plus we are driving out. I’ve been out there a couple of times but not in 15 years or so. It should be fun 🙂 Hopefully we have good weather.

  3. Laura

    Hey-sorry I couldn’t make it, but glad to hear you had a great night. Matt told me all about it Saturday night when I got home.
    Have fun out East.