1. I think it is either an experiment on online hypnotise (?) or just an attempt to bring visitors to another website. If you view source, you’ll find this: “Please Visit 15footstick.com our other website. ThankZ”

  2. I did the same thing as Firda, and read their faq page, but still, they give no hints.
    I’d say it’s an experiment to see what people’s minds will come up with when given an opportunity to come up with something. An experiment into the imagination.

  3. Oh Am you didn’t listen to the whole thing. It got funnier and funnier. I was once mesmerized by that site. I was playing some music (I believe it was from the Ninja Tunes or Warp label so it was electronic) and the speaking dubbed over the music fit perfectly. I spent too much time there. 🙂

  4. hmm.. i’ll go back n give it a shot then… but i have a very short attention span for things that don’t seem to be going anywhere… =P

  5. Its not hypnosis, my friend made the site as a joke. Its supposed to be gay and make you laugh, peeps are looking to far into it.

  6. Haven’t seen zombo because it has exceeded its bandwidth limitations but lots of people are talking about it

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