Friday Fiver on Monday

I know this is a couple of days late (try four days late) but I recently found the Friday Fiver and thought that this particular Friday Five was written just for me.
1. Have you ever had braces? Any other teeth trauma? No braces and no teeth trauma other than the usual cavity filling and one root canal because I’m an idiot.
2. Ever broken any bones? I broke my right leg when I was in grade 2. My friends and I were jumping from the top of a hill, landing on our feet and sliding the rest of the way down. On one jump I landed incorrectly and did the splits resulting in my leg breaking. I was in a full leg cast for around 3 months. I broke my wrist this past summer when I fell from my mountain bike onto pavement. I broke the distal end of my radius bone (the big one in your forearm). I was in a full arm cast for 5 weeks and my wrist is still a little stiff at times. Physiotherapy did wonders but only time will loosen it up.
3. Ever had stitches? I’ve had stitches several times. When I was five I tripped on a rug and I fell into the bottom of a staircase with my forehead. I received a dozen stitches or so. This is one of my first real substantial memories. Another time I was climbing on a stone wall and fell on my chin and needed a couple of stitches.
4. What are the stories behind some of your [physical] scars? I have a scar on my left thumb from stabbing the end of it with an exacto-knife at work/school. I have a scar on my left index finger because my mom cut my finger just below the joint with a shovel. We were planting trees for the Boy Scouts of Canada and my mother though my hand was out of the hole I had just placed a sapling into and brought the shovel down. I ended up spraying blood all over the place because my first impulse was to shake the cut finger. I didn’t get stitches but my finger was in a splint for a couple of weeks. I also have scars from all of the stitches I received.
5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? No need to answer this since these answers are late anyways. 🙂
This Friday Five idea is great. I’ll have to do them more often 🙂

Weather, What Weather?

As you can tell from the title this rant is about the weather we have been having lately. I live in Southwestern Ontario in a town called Waterloo. This is where I go to University. I’m a grad student. Not that any of this has to do with the weather. Now Waterloo is at the southern edge of something known as the snowbelt. Traditionally we get a fair amount of snow over the winter months and it usually stays from January until some time in April. This year has been weird. I was thinking as I walked into school that if someone foreign to this area asked me “How’s the weather in your part of the world?” I would probably answer with a shrug and say “I’m not really sure!”. This may puzzle and perplex many of you and if you were the foreigner you would ask me “What do you mean?”. I would then explain that in the last week we have had unseasonable warmth (last Saturday and Sunday the maximum temperature was 10 degrees Celsius), a crazy ass snow storm (I went to bed on Wednesday night and there was no snow on the ground when I woke up there was 4 or 5 inches of the white stuff), an ice storm (last night we had freezing rain which is a lot less fun than snow and apparently knocked the power out down where my parents live) and a day filled with rain and thawing (which would be today). Just a reminder: All of this weather has been in the last week.
So if you decide to ask me “How’s the weather been?” you know what my answer will be.

Wonky Right Sidebar

The right sidebar isn’t treating me very well tonight. If you are using IE it seems to be okay as long as the browser is maximized. If you minimize it and then decrease the width of the window the sidebar will disappear to below the blog entries. From what I understand the site looks okay in Mozilla. I don’t have time tonight to play with this. If anyone has any ideas as to what can be done to resolve this let me know. Thanks, now I’m off to bed.

Bags of Milk

Here is a question that has boggled me for ages (but not enough to make me do any real research into the topic). Here in Canada we have something called bagged milk. Bagged milk is sold in packages with 3 bags with a total amount of 4 litres of the liquid. The bags have to be placed in a milk bag holder (that probably isn’t its technical name) so the milk can be poured. The illustration below may help with the visualisation:

Bags O' Milk

If there are any other places in the world that milk comes in bags please tell me!!! Maybe I will do some research of this tomorrow.
P.S. We can also buy cartons of milk (like the rest of the world) but most people buy it in the bag form.


Lumpy_Grease the Bruce
SMooSH introduced me to a neat little internet game called NeoPets. It’s a combination of Pokemon and Tamagotchi. You get to select a species and name your Neopet. You can then compete and play games for Neopoints, which is the Neoworld currency. My Neopet is named Lumpy_Grease and he is of the Bruce species. The species looks a lot like penguins and we all know I love penguins.
The picture in this email is my Neopet. Isn’t he cute. I suspect he might be a little weird. Though there is nothing wrong with that.

New Layout

Here is the new layout. I had to redo the layout after the original layout was found to have bugs in it when I tried to add a javascript. This layout is the creation of my good friend fabulous Firda from Weblog Wannabe. I really like the layout and no matter what she says I don’t think she is a moron (see current About Me section). I never did publicly thank Wari and Nita for hosting me. Without them I would still be unhyperlinkable. Mad props to all of them 🙂

Why Does This Site Look Like Crap? (For New Comers)

The answer to the question above is based on the fact that I had to redo my layout due to problems with Internet Explorer and something I put on my right sidebar. This weblog will be in a state of disrepair for a while until I have time to clean it up and make it respectable. In the meantime you will have to bare with me. I know it doesn’t look very special now and it may never ever look special but I will always provide deep and intellectual commentary on the world we live in (sic!). Or maybe not.

Curling Pictures

I finished making a curling pictures page so that I don’t have to post them on the main blog page. To see the spectacular curling pictures follow this link. They aren’t amazing but they are something.
Maybe someone can help me with a problem I’m having. I’m trying to incorporate a javascript script into the blog (particularly the weblog referrer javascript program which is here. When I include it in the main page code it ends up limiting the blog length (or height) to the size of one page so you can no longer scroll down the page. It’s kind of fustrating since it makes no sense to me. Oh well. Life doesn’t make sense to me either and I can handle it.

Blue Goo Is Alright Now

Apparently the screw up worked itself out. No more needs to panic. For all of you (the three that read my blog currently) who are waiting for my curling pictures they should be up tomorrow night, North American time. I’ve learnt a fair amount about CSS and HTML tonight while trying to create a seperate web page for the pictures. I almost forgot how much I enjoyed learning.