Photo by Firda Beka.
Photo by Firda Beka.

I started blogging because of two people. Firda and Nit both bugged me to start up a blog. Eventually I found some free time and agreed as long as they helped me out. It’s more than two ten years later and I’m still at it. The current layout and domain name were gifts from my friend my wife Firda who is a CSS web designer extraordinaire. So if you like what you see go and hire her. She does amazing work. Nit and her husband Wari initially gave me space on their server and domain (subtlehints.net) but like a goldfish I eventually outgrew my environment and moved to forestpirate.net.

I live in Ontario, Canada with my fantastic wife Firda, a blogging celebrity (at least I think she is). We were married on May 28, 2005, one year after meeting in person. We have been chatting and emailing since 2001, so the relationship goes back much further than one year. Firda completes me and I have a feeling that I complete her. She makes me happy and content with life (though we could always use more money) 🙂 It’s an amazing feeling to love someone and have that love returned.

Now that the vitals are covered, more about me. I am an information-holic. I love information in any form or function. Because of this love I have extensive book, CD, record, DVD, VHS and video game collections. Yes I do believe that video games are a form of information. I also like watching TV. I tend to think that I watch a lot of TV and know a lot about too many shows (many which I’ve only seen once or twice) but that’s my decision. In general I don’t let TV dictate how I live. That’s what VCRs and Bittorrent were designed for.

I’m a semi music snob. Why semi? Because I don’t like most popular music but occasionally I hear a song that I know I shouldn’t like but end up really enjoying (Hey Ya by the Outkast is one example). I have over 600 music CDs (not counting anything borrowed from friends). I have over 100 records. Most of the CDs I have are from bands you’ve probably never heard of. A lot of them definitely won’t be played on the radio station. I enjoy all types of music but I can’t stand new country (Shania Twain etc.) or Kenny G type jazz. Other than that I can handle most music. Some of my favorite artists are Radiohead (yes they are kind of mainstream but then again they aren’t really), Kid Koala, Bjork, Neutral Milk Hotel, Blackalicious, Amon Tobin and They Might Be Giants to name a few.

I also enjoy movies that aren’t likely to be shown at Hollywood box office type movie theaters, so I guess I’m a semi movie snob as well. My favorite movies include Dancer in the Dark, Magnolia, Amelie and Ravenous. I do enjoy a good Hollywood movie – though a lot of them are festering piles of feces. I’m proud to say I’ve never watched any Vin Diesel movies (other than Saving Private Ryan which isn’t really his movie) or anything as bad as what I imagine Kangaroo Jack is.

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