100th Post Extravaganza!

This is my 100th post since the conception of “Blue Goo Ate My Mom” (well actually since the conception of Blue Goo using Moveable Type). Here is a question that I imagine many many people have come up with. Why “Blue Goo Ate My Mom”? And my answer is I don’t really know. There is no history behind it. I just needed a name and that name was the one I came up with. I played with “Colouring Outside the Lines” or ” THe H.M.S. Treetop”. The second one was suppose to go along with the ForestPirate URL (which actually has a fair amount of history behind it).
To celebrate my 100th post I was actually going to get a clown and maybe some penguins and monkeys but when I started getting quotes on how much it would cost to actually have all those creatures digitized and inserted into the Internet I realized it would be too much money, not to mention impossible. Sorry 🙂

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  1. Congrats on your 100th post! “Blue Goo Ate My Mom” is a popular website for some really weird Google search. Heh. 🙂