1st Ride of the Season

For those of you new to this blog I have a little story, for those who have been here from the beginning and/or know me you can skip to the next paragraph. Last summer I bought a Giant Iguana SE mountain bike. I had it for two months when I feel off the bike during a ride (on Labour Day for those who care) and ended up breaking my wrist. I was in a cast for a little less than 2 months but required 2 months of physiotherapy to regain most of the mobility in my arm.
Today I went out for my first ride since the accident last year. It was a nice day, the temperature was about 28 degrees celsius. It was a little too humid for my liking but while I was biking a nice breeze kept me cool. I stopped by my aunt and uncles place on the way home and they feed me dinner. It feels nice being active and doing something instead of being stuck inside and slothful 🙂
I apologize. This story wasn’t very exciting 🙂

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