500 Errors Begone

Some of you may have recieved 500 Errors when writing replies to my ingenious blog entries. These 500 Errors perplexed me but I chalked it up to faulty wiring on the server that I am being hosted on. Due to the stellar efforts of Wari the errors should be a thing of the past. No more crazy 500 Errors or rapid monkey attacks. I guess someone decided to finally wire up the subtlehints.net server properly. (In actuality they upgrade a bunch of software on the server including Perl, Red Hat Linux and a bunch of other stuff that Wari understand and I don’t, faulty wiring makes much more sense to me).
If you do encounter any errors please email me and then I will relay that message to Wari and he can sort it out 🙂 Just joking.

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  1. I hate rapid monkeys. They are too quick to get away from when they attack.
    What’s even worse is rabid rapid monkeys…

  2. You don’t know about the rapid monkeys? They are like vapid rabid monkeys. You know what I mean?