A Month and a Week into Home Ownership

Well it’s been a week and a month since we moved into our house in Stratford and it’s been pretty eventful.
We are still unpacking boxes but at least the living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom and spare bedroom are in good shape. The boxes are contained to the spare-spare-bedroom and the basement. We need to get more book cases and a wardrobe type thing to hide some of our junk away.
We are awaiting a couch which we ordered to replace our crappy old loveseat. It should be here at the beginning of September which will be nice since we are tired of the old love seat.
We’ve done a little bit of exploring in Stratford and discovered the wonders of the Stratford Public Library (which, much to my delight, has a graphic novel section).
We are also hoping to have a little housewarming potluck Bar-B-Q type thing this weekend. It’s the September long weekend so we are hoping people are free (though we are also assuming that a lot of people already have plans).
So to summarize: The home is good, and coming together. Stratford is feeling more and more like home. We don’t like walking up and down stairs, though we will cope.

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